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American Child Labour (1900-1937)

1-00 a.m. but young pin boys are working, April 1910
9-year-old Dannie whistles a doulful strain..., April 1912
A "back-roping boy" ... in a New England mill, May 1909
A 7-year-old newsboy..., April 1912
A 10-year-old boy topping beets, October 1915
A 13-year-old Italian boy at his job after school hours, 1913
A 15-year-old girl ... bottling hair tonic, January 1930
A bed-time scene in an east side tenement, February, 1911
A case of truancy, 1913
A common case of team work, March 1909
A doffer boy January, 1909
A fifteen-year-old boy operating a dangerous boring machine, September 1913
A four-year-old child helping her family pick up potatoes, 1931
A group of news boys starting out in a snowstorm..., 1906
A group of the youngest breaker boys..., January 1911
A little cotton mill spinner, December 1908
A small girl bringing homework to her tenement home, 1912
A telegraph messenger boyworking at 10 p.m., August 1908
A twelve-year-old farmer seriously injured while at work, August 1915
A twelve-year-old Italian boy...in a job printing shop, 1913
A young boy making ice cream cones..., 1912
A young boy starting out for the factory..., 1920
Adolescent girl spinner in a cotton mill (1900-1937)
Against the law in New York City, but who cares July 1910
An alert young newsboy seeking a customer, 1912
An anaemic little spinner in a New England cotton mill, August 1910
An eight-year-old boy pulling beets, Oct. 1915
Boy braking on motor train in coal mine..., September 1908
Boys cutting fish in a sardine cannery, August 1911
Boys working in a cigar factory (1900-1937)
Breaker boys working in a Pennsy. mine, Jan., 1911
Carrying-in boy in a glass works (1900-1937)
Charlie who is 12-years-old..., November 1913
Child labor in Maryland oyster cannery (1900-1937)
Child labor in Maryland oyster cannery (1900-1937) 2
Child labor in Southern cotton mill (1900-1937)
Edith, a five-year-old cotton picker, September 1913
Eunice has been working in a cotton mill for five years, January 1909
Four-year-old Mary shucks two pots of oysters a day, March 1911
Francis -----, 5 year old...sells regularly..., May, 1910
Frank, 14 years ... with their parents... making artificial flowers, January 1908
Freddie, an "independent merchant"... May 1915
Girls sell newspapers too, May 1910
Glass blower and mold boy, October 1908
Helpers in a Georgian cotton mill (1900-1937)
In the cotton fields..., September 1913
In vegetable canneries the young worker is one of the chief assets (1900-1937)
Jennie is 51 inches tall..., December 1908
Katie Kuritzko, a 7-year-old oyster shucker, March 1911
Little Lottie, a regular oyster shucker..., February 1911
Mrs. Mary Rena is shelling nuts, December 1911
Nannie, a young "looper" in a hosiery mill (1900-1937)
Newsboys and bootblacks shooting craps, 1912
One of the human products of cotton, November 1910
One of the many young newsboys selling late at night..., November 1912
People call him a "little shaver," August 1908
Pennsylvania coal breakers (1900-1937)
Raveler and looper in a Tenn. hosiery mill, Dec., 1910.
Sadie Pfeifer, 48 inches tall..., November 1908
Salvin, 5-year-old, carries two pecks of cranberries..., September 1910
Sewing work at home (1900-1937)
Shelling pecans at home (1900-1937)
Spraggin a coal train (1900-1937)
Ten year old spinner in a North Carolina cotton mill (1900-1937)
The father of these children died..., January 1909
The Howell family "stripping tobacco," November 1916
The mill superintendant teaching one of the young spinners, December 1908
The Reiber family...topping beets, October 1915
This 15-year-old "carrying-in" boy at the Lehr Glass Works..., October 1908
This bootblack keeps his mind on his job, July 1910
This child is the only pupil present, five weeks after school opened. . . . Oct. 1915
This four-year-old girl and her brother, seven years old, are working on a cranberry bog, September 1910 (1910)
This little girl is so small she has to stand on a box..., December 1910
This mother, at work in the kitchen of her home puts bristles in tootbrushes (1905-1934)
This ten-year-old girl is cracking nuts with her teeth, December 1911
This young driver has been working ... every day for a year, September 1908
Trapper boy, 15, in W. Va. mine, 1908, Sept. Had trapped for several years, 10 hours a day at 75¢.
Two boys transporting wood scraps (1900-1937)
Willie has been a "nipper" for four months, January 1911
Willy and Ora... worming and topping tobacco, August 1916
Young doffers in a Vermont cotton mill, August 1910

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