mercredi 18 avril 2012

Ex-Slaves ~ 1930

May Them R.I.P.

Emma L. Howard, Age about 85, Alabama
Jennie Bowen, Age 90, Alabama

George Eatman, Age 93, Alabama.
James D. Johnson, Age 77, Texas.
Lizzie Hill, Age 94, Alabama
Adeline West, Age over 80, Texas.
Allen Thomas, Age 97, Texas.
Anderson and Minerva Edwards, Age 93 and 87, Texas.
Ank Bishop, Age 88
Betty Powers, Age 80, Texas.
Bill Homer, Age 87, Texas.
Charity Grigsby, Age 85, Alabama
Daniel Taylor, Alabama
Ellen Payne, Age 88, Texas.

Gabe Hines, Alabama.
George Dillard, Age 85, Alabama.
Georgia Flournoy, Alabama
Henderson Perkins, Age about 85, Texas.
Jake Green, Age 85, Alabama.
Jennie Bowen, Age 90, Alabama
Mary Rice, Age 92, Alabama.
Mary Thompson, Age 87, Austin,Texas.
Moses Hursey, Age about 82, Dallas, Texas.
Preely Coleman, Age 85, Texas.
Simon Walker
Unknown II
Unknown III
Unknown IV
Unknown VIX
Unknown X
Unknown XII
Unknown XV
William Henry Towns, Age 83, Alabama.

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