mardi 5 avril 2011

De toutes petites lettres

In San Francisco you can find the World’s Smallest Postal Service which actually is up and going. It’s no joke, they really are a company. What they basically do is to receive normal  letters from people and write them in a smaller version before they wrap it and put it in a sealed envelope, and send it in ordinary mail.
letter 1
It only cost $8 dollars to use their service, and it’s worth it, because why not receive a tiny tiny letter in the mail than the ordinary boring ones. You can use it as a joke or a prank to a friend, or maybe only use it as a surprise to someone. You maybe wonder how the mail man understands the small writing, but don’t worry, every small letter has a magnifying glass on it, so it can enlarge the letters easily.
letter 2
Some of the letters are so small that they can get lost because no one pays attention to them, but that’s something that the traditional mail can worry about.
letter 3
letter 4
letter 5
letter 6
letter 7
letter 8
letter 9
letter 10

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