samedi 3 décembre 2011

Vendredi soir...

funny facebook fails - Failbook: Failbook: Lingerie Party Invitation
cute kawaii stuff - Epicute: Flower Bento

pokémon - Dammit! Critical Hit!
pokémon - The Test

epic fail photos - Dating: Actually Brad Looks Derpier
mobile phone texting autocorrect - Drawn Out
mobile phone texting autocorrect - Racism
Hooman, I Luv Your Fur! GIF - Hooman, I Luv Your Fur!
 - So Hardcore
Some Guys Like Bigger Ladies GIF - Some Guys Like Bigger Ladies
dating fails - It's Probably Important to Have a Fifth Who Doesn't Mind Misogynistic Jokes
funny facebook fails - George Takei's "Geek Hierarchy"
sketchy santa fails - Anatomy of a Santa
mobile phone texting autocorrect - That Was the Best Organism Ever!

epic fail  - Probably Bad News: PedobAir
engrish funny - Would you like some venereal disease with your food?
crazy parenting fails - Such Vile Trickery!
mobile phone texting autocorrect - I Held a Small Funeral Service in Your Honor
funny facebook fails - Failbook: Glass Half _____

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