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The 20 Awesomest Pieces of Simpsons Fan Art

Simpsons Cover
The Simpsons have been going strong (more or less) for over 500 episodes and we're paying our respects with 20 of the most bizarre pieces of fan art this side of Springfield.
The simpsons
The REAL Simpsons by Teodoro Gonzalez

742 Evergreen Terrace by Tim Doyle

Mr. Burns -David-Richeson
Montgomery Burns by David Richereson

The simpsons Banksy
Bart by Banksy

The Simpsons by Thomas Tuke
Maggie and Homer by Thomas Tuke

Moe's by Tim-Doyle
Moe's by TimDoyle

Simpsons Dali Style
The Simpsons, Dali Style by Matt Groeing (not sure if the creator can create his own tribute art, but still cool)

Homer by Unknown

Alternate universe simpsons
The Simpsons in an Alternate Universe by Unknown

Pulp Apu by Max Glikman

The Simpsonzu
The Simpsonzu by SpaceCoyote

Zombie Homer
Zombie Homer by Dino Tomic

Sideshow Bob
Sideshow Bob by SpaceCoyote

Homer by Rembrandt!!!

Grounds keeper Willie
Grounds Keeper Willie by Vincent van Gough!!!

Lisa and Millhouse
Lisa and Milhouse by Alberto Merani

Playboy Marge
Playtoon Marge by Elton Portilho

Alien Homer
Alien Homer by Unknown

Clockwork Simpsons
Clockwork Simpsons by Sera

Simpsons Death Note
Simpsons Death Note by Space Coyote

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