jeudi 1 mars 2012

Left After The Cold War

Balaklava is crammed with unique military constructions built during the cold war. Today, we want to take you to “Object 100″, a missile complex which controlled the Black Sea.

Entrance into “Object 100″. Many years ago, it used to be camouflaged with a special screen.
In 1954, when the cold war was in its height, they decided to build the first underground missile complex in the world. Several thousand builders were involved in construction works. Each worker’s background was thoroughly checked plus they had to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

The missile shaft.
The rocket complex with a cruise missile C-2 was situated 500 m above sea level and was aimed to destroy enemy ships.
They used heat-resistant concrete to build the complex. Missiles were kept on special trays with their wings folded and were moved to their starting positions with special mechanisms.

Missile shaft emergency exit.

All that was many years ago. As for today, very little has remained, just concrete and some metal constructions.
In 2005, the complex became defenseless against looters who would come here by cars and trucks to steal metal.

This place once became scenery for a movie which was sort of a response to Rembo-2. It is impossible to imagine how they managed to get a permission to shoot a movie in a secret complex!

Rooms for the command post and personnel, fuel and missile storehouses, and diesel power stations were cut out in the rocks. The underground citadel was equipped with filter systems in case a nuclear attack took place.
Doors which were able to withstand a nuclear explosion have been stolen by looters.

Cruise missiles were delivered to their starting positions by rails.

It took them just a couple of minutes to launch a missile. “Object 100″ included two divisions located 6 km away from each other. Each division had two launching facilities so it had 8 missiles total to destroy any ship.

This is where control panels have been.

“Emergency exit”.
Inside the missile shaft.

“Dangerous zone”.
From 1957 till 1965, the complex carried out 25 firing practices. The complex was unachievable for both regular and nuclear weapons.
In 1982, the complex was modernized and the 3M44 Progress missile was added to the armory.

Today it is the word “devastation” which can describe the complex best. Dripping water is the only sound coming here from the outside.

No trolley carrying a nuclear charge will ever enter this place again.

Looters have stolen everything they could find, including its barbed wire.

One of the views soldiers serving in the complex could enjoy.

50 km away, you will find is a military unit which served “Oblect 100″.

In 1996, “Object 100″ was turned over to Ukraine.

Its football field and VIP towers (for officers).

This place needs cleaning badly.

This used to be a cafeteria.

An open window.

Someone knew how to walk through the walls.

This is a piece of a newspaper which dates to February 20th, 1999.

In this forest, you can find tons of useless concrete!

This path leads to Balaklava.

There was a time when it was alive, just like “Object 100″.

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