mardi 24 avril 2012

Matveev, the Island of Walruses and Polar Bears

This island doesn’t look impressive from afar. Even plants do not beautify it, only grass. But in this dull place one can see walruses, many of them…

For a minute it seems that there is light in the lighthouse window, but it only seems so… People do not live here.
Pigsties and cowsheds have only some boxes with useless staff inside …
A cemetery nearby. Words on the crosses are hard to read because they are in ancient Slavic…
There are some modern graves though. Here lies a little girl who died in 1966 being only 5 months and a young man aged 22 who died in 1950. Seems he was an artilleryman according to the emblem on the cross.
Kotova S. V, – baby’s grave
Right here, on the cemetery is a body of a seal torn to pieces and fresh pools of dung. Who could leave this if not a bear? Though no tracks are seen around.
The lighthouse is assembled from some metal or concrete panels screwed together, it represents a big empty cylinder with spiral metal stairs inside. The picture reminds of “Half-Life” game.
From the lighthouse one may see the giant panorama of the sea with a little piece of land in the centre – Matveev island. It’s really small.
Blazed trails are still visible. Near the lighthouse even an old cart can be found.
View of the settlement
Street between houses
In 2003 here was an expedition of the Oceanology Institute of the Russian Academy of Science on the ship “Professor Stockmann”. It is always nice to see such signs in wild abandoned places, they warm your heart, remind that you are not the only one in the Universe.
Boiler room
Power plant
Accumulator room
Radio centre
What is weird that no evidence was found of what this object really was. No papers, documents, no notes. Only pages from “Accumulatory batteries observation journal” with some tables drawn with a hand.  But the place itself remained a mystery…
Even batteries were taken away
Fallen mast
Sauna. Firwood looks the way as if it has just been brought.
Planks do not look rotten
Even coal has remained…
Empty all around, everything has been taken away
Box for a car
Spare parts warehouse
The house for two families, with two entrances, in a good condition. Inside are only old sofas, beds, tables, pages of old magazines. Nothing interesting.
In the house
Nuclear battery
Polar bear walking
With cubs
The family

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