lundi 28 mars 2011


In San Francisco, a beautician, Keri Campbell, gives her 8-year-old daughter Briney, Botox shots every three months so she can become "popular" and "famous".

Uncanny Factoid: Botox Babies
The mother is proud that her daughter is most likely the youngest child in the world to receive Botox injections. She even claims that this will help her become famous as a teenager, and that she just wants Britney's life to be the best and so she can become a superstar.

The thing that really makes this disturbing is that, the little girl now asks to be given the Botox shots, claiming that she can see wrinkles. Her friends think it's cool that she gets this kind of treatment, and wants to be just like her.
Uncanny Factoid: Botox Babies
Britney's first shot was a year ago, from her mother, on her 8th birthday as a present. Ever since then, Keri started to buy the stuff online and has given her three more shots using a kit of needles she put together from the local chemist and from a diabetic friend.

The mother says that "everyone is doing it and is talking about it", referring to the other parents who are now preparing their daughters fro American beauty pageants. This isn't even illegal, this is 100% okay. There is no law saying that a child could not receive these type of treatments.

This isn't just all that Keri has done for the little girl's future. She has even waxed her arms, legs, and private parts, so she can get rid of the fluff and make sure she won't grow pubic hair when she grows up. Britney approves of her mother's treatment, saying that she feels like a supermodel.

The next step for Britney, is apparently a boob and a nose job, so that she can be a star, so says Britney, age 8.


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