vendredi 31 mai 2013

Porcelain in Russia

These are amazing porcelain works of a Moscow artist Andrey Cherkasov who devoted twenty years of his life to this material. Andrey applies his own unique grotesque-realistic technique.

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Health Improving 100 Years Ago

This is how people used to improve their health 100 years ago under St. Petersburg. Quite different from how we do it today, right?

Body wraps and rubdown.
Children riding donkeys.
Booths for washing.
Seaside recreation and retreat centre.


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Abandoned Factory of Kiev

“ATEK” is one of the most famous abandoned places in Kiev, Ukraine. It impresses with its huge area and integrity. Similar Moscow places which are not guarded are never preserved like this. Right now we will visit the metalworking shop.

Strangely enough but the factory is located in a rather busy part of the city. One shoould climb the fence to get to its territory.
“Beware of transport”, “No entry”.
Probably these gantry cranes used to work tirelessly unloading materials. The booths are all empty now and look so miserably.
Inside it’s even more interesting. We can see the kingdom of abandoned equipment there.
It’s hard to describe this atmosphere… Quiet, light and calm.
Many parts have been plundered…
Have you ever seen such a turning lathe?
Friendly handshake with the hydraulic arm of the shop.
Rays of sunlight make this shop alive…
Nobody wants to step in the puddle of oil.
What was it used for?
Control panels are preserved better than anything else.
These doors can still slide.
Empty bottles, rags and propaganda posters…
Rusty instruments for any purpose. How do you like the size?
These ones lie neatly on the shelves.
Wow, these ones are rather huge compared to the chessboard!
Another part of the shop. It has more machines.
It’s a multi-purpose drilling, milling and boring machine!
Simpler machines.
Doesn’t it resemble a cake with rusty chips?
The brains of the machine.
How did it feel to work with this?
This part of the shop is under the polyethylene cover, probably when everything else started to die people still kept working here.
Some fresh air is needed!
Resting on the roof of the shop. It reads “Atek”.
Excavator is a symbol of the plant. One who passes by can’t help noticing it. It seems to be tiny from below but in fact it’s of a human size. Someone has taken one of the bucket teeth away as a keepsake.
Is it a press machine or scales maybe?
Soon you are going to see the shop of excavators assembly…

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