lundi 19 mars 2012

Forgotten Moscow

Novokuryanovo is a forgotten village not far from Butovo located inside that experimental rail ring. There is just one road leading here and plows don’t always come to these areas. The nearest store is situated miles away, in Shcherbinka. Gas supply is just a dream. People have to burn coal and wood to heat their homes which often triggers fires. Burglaries are quite common. Yet this place became part of Moscow as far back as in 1984.
Some say about Gypsies who founded the village but it’s just a myth. In fact, in the 1930s they moved people from Kuryanovo village to build an aeration station. Thus forming Novokuryanovo.
Ex-mayor Luzhkov once thought these were sheds. People living in the village consiting of 100 homes were supposed to be provided with new homes in 1985 but two thirds of them never did. Amazingly, but these 386 people never lost their hope either.
It’s not easy to talk someone here into giving an interview and that’s not their fault! There are plenty of bastards walking around waiting for the right moment to steal these people’s pensions and medals.
A local home.
This is Nikolay.
He lives with his brother and his wife.
It’s freezing in here because something’s wrong with the stove. They want to rebuild it in summer.
The only good thing about this place is the fact that its roof doesn’t leak yet.
People live under similar conditions here in Novokuryanovo.
But authorities don’t care.
This 86-year old lady was a teacher. She takes water from the water pump.
Surprisingly, but she doesn’t grumble at it but says she’s quite satisfied with her life. She lives with her son and they renovate their home little by little. She says it’s good to live in the country.
She refused help.
Another problem of the village is illegal immigrants who live here becasue policemen never check this place. They sometimes set fire to homes whose owners refuse to rent them out.
It would be fair to mention that there are still a couple of rather well-maintained buildings in the village.
Some houses are abandoned because their owners had either died or moved to a new place.
Let’s go inside this home.
An elderly couple lives here.
They heat their home by burning coal too.
The house is in terrible condition even though its roof has been reconstructed.
This coal is relatively good and they don’t have to break it into smaller pieces like they did last year.
Cats like it here!
This lady has very poor eyesight and it is her husband who has to take care of their household.
That’s what their life is. They live knowing that they won’t get help no matter how old, lonely and weak they are and will be.

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