jeudi 5 avril 2012

Simple Life Of A Single Father From Moscow

Hello. I’m Alexander, I’m 32 years old. I live in Moscow together with my son. I repair bicycles and manufacture them. Welcome to my day!

I heard the alarm and woke up.

I had to wake up my son. He had to go to school. Who loves that?

Egor got dressed and combed his hair while I was making breakfast.

My son usually eats “kids’ food” for breakfast but that day I decided to make him some cream of wheat. I put the plate closer to the window so it got cold faster.

I still had to decorate the cereal with his favorite kids’ food.

My poor son yawned while eating breakfast.

As for the other part of the cream of wheat, the task was the opposite. I had to make something so it preserved the heat.

The kid went to school.

I could sleep two more hours that day and I did.

I slept longer than I planned and the cream of wheat got cold.

I used the microwave oven to warm it up.

A friend of mine advised me to eat it with cocoa powder. Yummy!

I also had some tea.

After I finished my tea and read LiveJournal, I got down to work.

My work was to do the dishes.

Actually, it’s Egor’s work but he was gone so I had to do it for him.

First I had to fix this:

I had to replace its membrane.

It was easy…

And fast.

Almost finished.

I checked if it worked.


I could finally do the dishes.

What time was it?

It was faster than I thought!

I spent a couple of hours by my computer and then I had to make lunch. We had some frozen cutlets we made last weekend and I decided to fry them.

I looked through the window to see what was going on over there.

There was a car accident. There are about 2 car accidents at this intersection every month. I have a bunch of photos of them.

My lunch.

After lunch, I headed to work.

I went there by bike.

In my “office”.

It’s not a place where I repair bikes. It’s more of a place where the bikes to be repaired are kept.

I started with this one.

It was a bike made by a well-known company but its handlebars became rusty all over! I didn’t expect it!

I had to wind it round with this:

It may look simple but it’s a highly time-consuming process.

“Municipal Assembly”.
I didn’t tell you that Egor is not my biological son. I’m his guardian and I want to adopt him. I had to talk it over and visited a few places.

Egor came home and found some food in the fridge. Good boy!

In the street I saw an ownerless roll of linoleum and brought it home. It saved me about $130!

It was heavy and I used this to bring it home.

Working again.

I made this bike by myself and it was painful to see that its owner didn’t take care of it at all…

Usually I work until 9 p.m.

But that day I decided to go home earlier.

There was one more roll but it was too narrow for my apartment.

Another find!

This is a handmade encyclopaedia.

Its content.

Someone’s school leaving certificate and old postcards picturing Leningrad.

I dropped into this store…

To buy this:

I got all kinds of sweets because they sold them with a good discount.

Almost home.

Egor helped me sort out what I got.

I had to dry that school leaving certificate…

And the postcards.

I know I should not let Egor eat in the living room but what can I do about it if I eat here myself?

We watched TV together.

Egor’s second dinner.

I had a bite too (I like drinking milk and eating yogurt for dinner).

The kid decided to play.

And 15 minutes later he went to bed.
I did too.

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