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Caucasia and Transcaucasia: Ethnic Photos From the XIX Century

Dmitry I. Ermakov (1845—1916) was a Russian photographer, orientalist, ethnographer. He was travelling much and took a lot of interesting ethnic photos of Caucasia and Transcaucasia.

Asian lunch in a dukhan
Aralykh. Blind man’s buff game
Akhtani – entrance to the church
Women from Borchaly ahorse
Elisavetopol. Lezghins grinding sabres.
Elisavetopol. Sale of clay capacities.
Elisavetopol. Bakery
In the Kuban region
In the Kuban region
In the Kuban region
Tatar family
Armenian woman ahorse
Tbilisi watermills
Tbilisi, copper-founding shops
Tbilisi, dukhan and wineskins
Antique shop
Selling poultry in Tbilisi
Traders in Tbilisi
Fishing in Tbilisi
Logs transportation in Tbilisi
Darvish. Persia
In the garden. Persia, Teheran
Son of the shah in the Austrian military uniform
Kurd at the Russian service
Chechen women
Circassian woman
Greek worker
Prince Ovaljani, 1890
Collecting grapes 1890
Children and old men from Dshek village
Children and old men from Dshek village
Carriage and three
Goods weighing
Tbilisi panorama
Jew from Armenia
Georgian Jews
Jew-rabbi from Imereti
Nuts seller
Highland Jew
Cathedral in Tbilisi
Muslim carpet sellers
Georgian priest
Princess Lazareva in a Tatar costume
Princess Chkonia
Erivan. Tatar girl
Armenian patriarch
Alexandropol, Cossack and a horse
The photographer himself, Dmitry Ermakov

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