mercredi 14 décembre 2011

The valley of Gingerbread houses

Ait Bugemez is one of the most hard-to-reach but very beautiful and colorful sights in Morocco. They say it's very cold here in winter and all passes leading here sink in snow. So these photos were taken in the beginning of April.
Ait Bugemez valley is small, almost all the bottom land is occupied with crops and the villages huddle on the mountain edges.
The central settlement in the valley is Trabant
Living conditions here are Spartan indeed. No hotels, only guest houses and very plain gîte d'étape. The later are quite ascetic but very cheap - 40-50 Dh (~4,5 EUR). There are only two cafes that close very early. You may have dinner there, but you have to negotiate about supper with the owners where you stay, or cook by yourself.
In such a place a tourist may stay.
Nearly all houses in the valley are built in the traditional style from stones and huge blocks of pressed soil. Due to the brown color and painted windows they resemble gingerbread houses from afar. Though close view breaks this illusion.
Close view of Trabant
A long house with trading shops that open only during the weekly fair.
Center of the village
Small sand storms sometimes occur here.
Near the village on some hills there are tombs of honoured Muslim figures.
Cartage remains to be the main transport.
Local sheep
Many tourists use Trabant as a starting point of tracks along the mountains.
The valley that leads to Djebel Azurka mountain
They open bazzar each day in one of the valley settlements.
Though there are some vehicles, of course, too.
They trade under the temporary tents or put the goods right on the ground.
Meat rows
Spices seller
Local dervish
Fog in the mountains
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