lundi 20 août 2012

In the Chambers of the Tsar

These are the chambers of boyars Romanovs located in Moscow. One may spend many hours here…

The chambers are dated 16-17th centuries.
It was decided to create a museum here in 1856 by emperor Alexander II. The building had been restored for 2 years before it deserved to have the emperors’s name…
Dining room in the men’s stone part of the house
Stody of the boyar with a huge a glased tile stove.
Leather coating of the walls
Library in the men’s part of the house as well.
Women’s part of the house is a wooden one.
Women’s rooms
On the wall – portrait of Yevdokia Lopukhina, wife of Peter the Great and first beauty of Moscow…
Work of boyarynia
Boys’ rooms. Boys had to study.
All items in the museum are genuine, some of them belonged to the Romanovs’ family.

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