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Wooden Temples Of The Past Centuries

Ukraine has many beautiful ancient churches. Let us have a look at them and note the difference between cathedrals built in different centuries and under different influence.

Nikolskaya Church.
Similar churches are found in Russia as well. New Ropsk, the 18 century.
Old Ropsk, 17 century.
Trinity Cathedral next to Dnepropetrovsk.
The church was founded by the Zaporozhye Cossacks. It was both a fantastic city and unassailable fortress. It can definitely be related to the most beautiful wooden churches in the world.
Pokrovskiy Cathedral.
A church in the Chernigov area.
Uspenskaya church in Rovno.
Another church that was used as a fortress in Chertkov. Such fortresses are widely spread in the Eastern Europe but wooden ones are typical mostly of Ukraine.
And this church looks like a wooden tank or some kind of a military machine.
Many churches often moved from one place to another. When it was decided to build a new cathedral the old was not destructed but bought by somebody else. Now it is difficult to imagine who would like to buy a church but historians say it is true.
Church of Nativity of Mary.
The roof of this church, which is the biggest in western Ukraine, is covered with metal sheets with embossed work.
Stained-glass artwork is widely used here.
Another church at the cemetery of a ghost-town Bells.
Painting on wood was not popular in Ukraine until the 16-17 centuries.
Bell-towers were standing separately from churches. They were bulky enough and were not treated like aesthetic elements.
People who inhabit the place originated from Celts coming from Galicia. The churches remind of Chinese pagodas.
Another couple of churches built in the 18 century.
The churches were built by the Ukrainians who were departed from Poland in 1944-47.
Some of them are related to UNESCO protected churches.
And this part of Ukraine was under the Ottoman yoke. No wonder that it has a typical architecture.
Compare what you saw with the church in Transylvania.
This new wooden church was recently built in Svyatogorsk.

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