mardi 6 novembre 2012

History Frozen In the Metal

The place you see in the picture used to be a metallurgical plant in the past. It is located in the city of Nizhny Tagil and currently represents history frozen in the metal. The plant is located on a huge area and contains several workshops, blast furnaces, and a huge surrounding territory.

The plant was built in 1975. It expanded its production in the time of the USSR where they manufactured iron and ferrous metal. The plant was closed in 1989. They made ferrous metal in the workshop seen in the picture which is well-preserved till now. The furnaces are not used in modern industry anymore.

Blast-furnace plant is another interesting place that can’t be missed due to its huge and high furnaces. The plant is colored orange. Solid fuel and ore were transferred to the furnaces with special mechanisms. Then metal underwent temperature processing. And finally they obtained ferrous metal placed into special containers.
Old wall of the workshop.
The roof was destructed with time and now the workshop looks like a greenhouse.
A huge bath made of ferrous metal.
Safety techniques and industrial sanitary in iron industry.
A very powerful ventilator.
The roof.
The furnace.
Entrance to the furnace.
Complex structure of the furnace.
Water supplied to the tubes was cooled down before entering the furnace.
Territory around the plant.
The blast-furnace plant.
The city viewed from the furnace.
The furnaces are over 60 meters high.
With the help of the mechanism the furnace was supplied with iron.
The cistern must have contained gas in it.
Tube for gas separation.
Canal for fused iron.
Fused iron was placed into special bowls.
They contain only water today.
Inside the workshop.
Water pipe.
Dam wheel.
The size is really impressive.
Boiler room.
It feels very exciting to be inside the plant. The building is really huge and the complexity of technological processes fascinates. Its details are very big in size, tubes are very large in diameter and metal constructions are all different. It is not clear now what many mechanisms and devices were intended for.

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