mercredi 28 novembre 2012

The Basement Under the Moscow State University

Basement 2 located under the Moscow State University is a classic place for so-called “diggers”. In fact it is the place that stood at the origins of the movement of “diggers” itself. They still like to come here again and again and take new photos of the place.

The basement 2 starts from the duct or the emergency exit. It is rather large.
This photo was taken in 2007.
The basement itself is changing a bit, but in fact it looks like years ago: the same water on the floor, mechanisms getting rusty.
The sealed doors are big and rusty.
There are a lot of them.
The diesel seems to be still in a working condition. Those mold-covered wooden decks had to protect servicemen working here from a possible shock.
Almost everyone who was here took something away to keep for the memory.
This is the central corridor.
“Diggers” and student often write something on the walls.
They say that all entrances are reliably welded today, but it had happened many times, every time someone found ways to get in. The war of diggers and fitters will never end!

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