dimanche 9 décembre 2012

Flying Over the Capital of Tatarstan

It’s the Kazan Kremlin.
Kul Sharif mosque is one of the city symbols.
Peter and Pauls’ Cathedral stretches to the sky with its domes.
It’s the Palace of the Farmers.
It’s the bell tower of the Cathedral of the Epiphany.
Marx street is quite busy.
Millenium bridge is wonderful at night.
It’s the park of the 100th anniversary of Kazan.
This is Opera and Ballet theatre named after Musa Jalil.
It’s the Kazan city hall.
It’s the Kazan Virgin Monastery.
It’s the National Cultural Center.
It’s the Kazan Federal University and the National Library.
The Church was built in honor of martyr Paraskeva.
This is the building of the Government of the Republic of Tatarstan.
The bridge stretches over the Volga river.
It’s the puppet theater in this unusual building.
The memorial monument in honor of the soldiers who died during the capture of Kazan in 1552.
This is an entertainment center “Pyramid”.
The football stadium which is being built to hold Summer Universiade 2013.

Source ; www.englishrussia.com

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