dimanche 9 décembre 2012

Underground Mine of the Eighteenth Century

The deposit was opened in far 1775 and started to be used for copper ore extraction. They worked only with two adits first, then they already had five.They didn’t extract enough copper so the mine was soon closed. In 1888 the mine was not already listed as a functioning one.
Now we are going to go down and see what has remained from that time.

Probably there was a fire here – people used torches then.
Due to high humidity and lack of ventilation the structures broke.
This device was used to lift scrapers.
This is a scaper itself or what has remained of it. It was used for manual ore transportation.
This used to be a torch.
It looks like a spooky labyrinth.
They used such stairs.
Such old mines can give many new impressions, because they are rather different from modern ones.

Source ; www.englishrussia.com

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