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Montenegro (meaning "Black Mountain") is a beautiful country located in Southeastern Europe. But why is it called in this way? Where does its blackness come from? Reference books point to local Mount Lovcen, which is black either because of the impassable for the sun's rays forests, or because of the dark color of tree bark.
Let's have a walk along its shores.
Despite heavy cotton clouds in the first photo, it's usually sunny in the beginning of May. One can even bathe.
The residents of Perast build their houses without spoiling the views of the ancient town.
Oyster farms are met here and there. 
Lots of fish are down there. Very good fish. So good that the "elite" breeds (according to the taste of an average person) are considered second-rate here.
Sveti Stefan is an island, a hotel and one of the symbols of the country. It's been in private hands for a long time. Unfortunately, ordinary people are forbidden to enter its territory.
Herceg Novi. Life in Montenegrin towns is measured. People tend to do nothing and just relax. The less work, the better.
The meeting of the members of "The Hairy Retired"  is held near the CDs of famous singers.
Almost every town has a so-called "old town" (with old fortress in it).
Kotor and its old town.
An orange tree.
Local cafes and stores are lack of tea. You can buy only coffee there.
Amazingly beautiful.
Budva. Perhaps the most famous resort of Montenegro.
Don't be surprised to see the bride in this pic. There is a wedding ritual to be photographed near local sights.
Among ancient buildings, you can see a great number of clothes stores.
And this is either a museum or a library. All visitors look very serious. They enter, scratch their heads and leave.
The marina in Budva is not very big, it's better to look at it at the height of the season.
Now, let's move from the beautiful shores of Montenegro to the country itself.
Cetinje. The official capital of the small state (the population of Montenegro is, in fact, a little more than 600 thousand people).
Its monastery, cosy and beautiful.
Some extra-ordinary monument. A boy probably dreams of covering his helicopter with plating.
Podgorica is the unofficial capital. A huge city have business parks and a million population. In addition, it's the world's chess capital...
People in this country are very hospitable and polite. 
The monument to Vladimir Vysotsky.
Some time ago there were a lot of Soviet panel houses in Yugoslavia, but on April 15, 1979 a strong earthquake destroyed most of these ugly buildings (though, in Podgorica, you can still see some of them).
Although they say, that the earthquake happened when a Montenegrin picked up a shovel, and the others laughed at him.
There are a lot of jokes about the laziness of this people. Here's another joke concerning a shovel: "The wife of a Montenegrin hides money from her husband under a shovel."
Mountains. 1.500 m above the ground. The Mausoleum of Petar II Petrovic Herald.
Steep stairs (1.5 million steps) and you are there.
Monumental structures arising out of the fog, gloomy solitude, natural beauty, snow and the sarcophagus inside. Hair stands on end, feelings are difficult to describe.
A small village of Njeguši.
The village of Virpazar famous for its ancient fish market.
Some mountain river.
The bridge with the world's highest span above the biggest canyon in Europe.
Though it seems much smaller than famous Grand Canyon, it's considered to hold the second place in the world by its depth.
Zabjak ski resort has a completely different atmosphere. Tourist bases, camping and a slight touch of former communism.
A mountain lake, snow-capped peaks. Montenegro amazes with its picturesque places.
Herceg Novi.
Kotor Bay. A small island with a church with a blue dome gives it even more charm.
Some pictures of the holiday-makers.
On the way to Lake Skadar.
The lake itself.
Small islands with the remains of some buildings.
Quiet streets of the village of Godinje.
Not far away from the village is a mountain church. 
Besats fortress. From the roof of the largest of the preserved buildings, one can have beautiful views of the lake.
The cosy city of Cetinje.
The building of the former Russian Embassy.
Who would dare to say it's not beautiful?

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