jeudi 28 juillet 2011

Sapa, Vietnam

Sapa is located in the suburbs of Lao Cai province, 2000m above the sea level, it's amusing to see in the morning how a huge cloud is approaching you and disappears right in front of your eyes...

The locals feel money well, they may sell you anything easily, do not trust them much.

"3 sisters"

The landscapes are splendid here, photos usually can't show you the scale of the whole picture.

A local village where ... the Thais live.

Citizens themselves do not deny they spend a lot of time smoking pot or drinking home-distilled vodka.

The locals are hospitable, they will treat you with vodka and national food.

Sowing rice

Local kids are playing a popular game here, throwing stones into a well.

Misty sakura

Ointment that is so popular not only in Vietnam.


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