mercredi 17 août 2011

Nice view

Do you know what Signagi is? Imagine a huge mountain in the center of a giant valley. A fortress located on top of the mountain faces one of the most beautiful valleys in the world and main Caucasus ridge with a top all covered with snow. This mountainous town inside it with small and curved streets reminds of Jerusalem.
Signagi is situated in the eastern part of Kakhetia, Georgia.
Georgian authorities pay special attention to revival of Signagi town. This place famous with its natural beauty, traditional architecture and synthesis of local cultures has always been considered as the pearl of the country.
Their aim is to develop tourism in a country that has beautiful nature, rich culture, interesting history but is deprived of natural resources.
There is a couple of factories in Georgia but they became useless after the fall of the USSR the economy of which relied upon the principle of one huge workshop with its important parts disseminated along the country. Now the parts are located on the territory of independent countries.
Old buildings are reconstructed here, modern hotels and restaurants are built.
The place will soon resemble Italy and attract a lot of tourists.

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