vendredi 26 août 2011

Life of Ordinary Afghan People

Despite the fact that Mazar-i-Sharif is the fourth largest city of Afghanistan, it’s quite boring for tourism. Its only attractions are a unique temple complex Rozii Sharif (the Blue Mosque) and a market where the locals spend most of the time. Another Afghan city, Faizabad, also has nothing to look at except for its two markets. So let’s visit them and see how ordinary people earn their living.

The seller of knives.

It’s well-known that Afghanistan’s watermelons are the tastiest.

A car on the narrow streets of the market is obviously not wanted. Dissatisfied owners of two-wheel vehicles are nervous and angry.

Bright carrots.

Fresh cherry juice with ice.

Gutters are used instead of trash cans. They smell awful. Still, they are sometimes cleaned up.

Fresh meat. Still warm.

And this is Faizabad, another city of Afghanistan located on the right bank of the Kokcha river. Historically, Faizabad is isolated from other cities because of the lack of paved roads. Its only attractions are two markets where you can buy such things as wool, woolen clothes, salt, sugar, tea and indigo.
The view from above shows that the city is very green.

Strong wind always blows here.


Almost all the population is engaged in trade.

To prevent the goods from blowing away, they are covered with cloth.

A beggar.

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