samedi 13 août 2011

Plain Life of The Urgut Hillmen

Last time we visited an ancient Uzbekistan town Shakhrisabz. Today we’ll go to Urgut located in 50 km to the south from Samarkand  to see the life of people who inhabit mountainous areas close to Tadjikistan.

This is not the central part of Urgut but its suburbs. This area is inhabited by the ethnic Tajiks. Let’s visit that house on top of the hill.
If a house is placed on top of the mountain it won’t be flooded by water coming from mountain slopes in spring.
It is said that foundations of the houses were laid 200 years ago. Can you believe it?
This is a storehouse which has no windows.
A small chicken house is located on the left.
Stones are taken here in the mountains. Just get a big stone heated by the sun and pour some water onto it. It will be split in many small stones which can be used in the process of a house construction.
All inhabitants of the area are busy with cattle breeding. Cows and sheep feed on the slopes.
The slopes are covered with prickles so it’s not clear what the animals eat here.
There is no gas here and electricity can be used several times a day. Local inhabitants use animal waste to heat their houses in winter.
Let’s meet the owner.
The father of the boys. He tends sheep in the mountains but is free today.
Their mother dies several months ago and they live with their aunt when the father is at work.
Inside the house.
The furnace.
Do you see the hole under the table? It is used to warm feet in winter.
This house is inhabited by a rich neighbor.
The builders.
Interior decoration.
Facing plaster used for construction
Final variant.
A stone was given as a gift.
A cow-house is placed on the first floor. The second floor is occupied by people.
This family will stay in the house as soon as it is ready.
Would you like to have some tea with water-melon?
Now they stay in the old part of the house with their relatives.
While the owner and his quests are having a meal, women stay away from the table showing their respect.

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