samedi 24 septembre 2011

Forest with a surprise

Sometimes woods near Moscow may have much unexpected surprises. Here is, for example, an ordinary forest : bushes, grass, trees. Everything is green, living, natural. And then suddenly an electric control panel occured from behind a tree.

How interesting! Then after looking around, through green leaves we could notice an inconspicuous building.
It turned out that this building was not the only one here. Near some of them there were metal stages, that at first sight reminded of observation towers.
“Follow the rules of safety techniques”.
Let’s see what is hidden inside.
The registration certificate of some secret equipment, produced in 1985.
Various izbas continued to appear. But what is the question : whose working places they were?
A small gray shed with a door.
Somebody picked off the door in order to determine the shed material. May be that is a radioparent dome?
An antenna was not found inside, but a balloon with freon was there.
A truck body stood nearby.
Its door was open, so a diesel engine was discovered inside.
Huge antennas.
Spare parts of stages.
Another shed.
In rotten boxes near it…
Somebody lost a missile!
The missile consists of three parts, each has the lenght of three meters.
As warheads can be kept for years, probably this missile still can function.

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