jeudi 15 septembre 2011

Mont Saint Michel At Night

If you come to Mont Saint Michel in the day time you risk to spoil the first impression of this unique place. At night it looks absolutely gorgeous and very photogenic.
In the post are beautiful pictures of the abbey's empty streets.

Low tide time, people walk along the naked shore despite the warning signs about quicksands.

In fact what seems to be sand turns out to be clay, very slippery and sticking. Walking is better barefoot.

The parking place in front of Mon Saint Michel for the guests who stay in the hotels on the abbey territory. The left part of the parking is flooded during big floods.

The ramp serves for food and other goods delivery.

Pay attention to the size of the fireplaces.

Light show

Discoteque in the cell...

Funeral pit

The motor of the ramp-elevator. The wiki says that inside of it a horse lived and made it work, but we seriously doubt.

The platform of the elevator

In many halls there are various Bible scenes changing each other shown by a projector on the walls.

Upper site of the abbey

Music is heard inside and outside, everything is majestic and beautiful.

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