mardi 4 septembre 2012

In the Happy Village

Where happinnes is born?

There is a little village in the Crimea that is called “Happy” (Schastlivoye). Let’s see how happy one can be if he/she lives there.

This region in the mountains is rather picturesque. The village itself is situated near the Schastlivensky (“Happy”) reservoir that is protected with barbed wire. Water in the Crimea is highly valued so all reservoirs are guarded like this.

The sign in Ukrainian (Happy village)

Many people try to sell their plots of land and houses.

Soviet bus stop in the centre of the village.

Miniature entertainment zone…

Almost every shop has a cast-iron moveable wood stove.

Connection with space!

Local “mosque”

Welcome to the mosque!

Local shops are the only place where people can find a job…

Gates to the farm

Rare locals

Silent streets

Was for sale long ago…

Realtors, where are you?


Someone used to shave here looking at the mountains and probably felt happy…

It must be mentioned that it’s not the only village like this in district.

House of Culture abandoned some kilometres away from Happy Village

Sports ground



Toys! It means there are children here, children mean happiness!

Life in the village

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