mardi 4 septembre 2012

Living Closer to Heaven

The town of Mugrab, Tajikistan, is located in the center of the eastern Pamir. The place is desolate but beautiful.

Mugrab has mainly 1-storey buildings. The place is located 3600 meters above the sea level.

When Russian military unit was dislocated here the locals were given some job. But now they are replaced by the Tajiki border guards who don’t ask the people for services.

The place is totally quiet in the evening. A very small HPP provides the inhabitants with electricity.

Tourists like the place. The local have tents for guests but the conditions are Spartan. Besides, no cafes here work in the evening so they will serve you food right in the tent.

The mosque.

The cemetery.

Those snowy mountains are located on the Chinese territory.

The man is making bricks that will be used for building construction later.

Rangkul village is situated 65 km away from Mugrab. A bus is available once a week.

They don’t have electricity here and periodically get humanitarian aid from bigger communities.

The camels are mainly used for tourist entertainment.


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