samedi 8 septembre 2012

The City Of The Dead

Visiting ghost-towns must be an exciting experience. But once you decided to go to such a place, you’d better hurry up and see as much as possible before the sunset. Who knows what may happen after?

Dargavs is a city in Ossetia where a few houses are separated from the rest of the world. The place used to be well-populated in the past but was abandoned after the Kolka-Karmadon rock-ice slide.
The word ‘Dargvas’ is translated as ‘a gateman’, somebody who guards the clove.
Mobile bee-gardens can be met from time to time.
Would you like to taste local honey?
The town has a lot of family vaults.
All the tombs were founded in the XIV-XIX century.
The rich built wide and complex tombs.
This guard tower is 15 meters high.
The entrance was reached by stairs which was removed after everybody found themselves inside the tower to prevent enemies from coming inside.
A person was buried in his best clothes and with his favourite things.
Bones are seen everywhere.
The place must be good for meditation.
Nevertheless, people prefer not to meditate here at night in order not to trouble the dead.

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