lundi 17 juin 2013

Back In Pripyat

Pripyat never stops to attract more and more tourists who share lots of pictures from the exclusion zone with us. This is another photo report from the blogger who has been to Pripyat recently.

It’s the territory of the former military unit, there used to be an anti-aircraft missile regiment here.
No so much has remained here, some old equipment, garages, barracks and a hangar where missiles were stored.
The territory of the military unit is not so big, today it’s mostly overgown.
After the catastrophe it was one of the first among the evacuated objects.
“Training exercises are like real war!”
All metal elements have been stolen…
Some tourists come to the city and even live for some days in the abandoned flats of empty houses.
Sunrise of Pripyat.
Nature always wins. Everything is getting overgrown with moss, grass and ivy.
“It’s our house and we should take care of it”.
The list of dwellers.
It feels like being on the set of “Silent Hill”..
Moss is here too.
Some openings in flats are blocked with furniture.
However not all radiators have been stolen.
Broken glass…
And someone’s kitchen..
Sometimes birds fly inside and cannot get out. And they die, of course.
Who designed these buildings?
“Think about bad less, about good – more”.
Divorce certificate and a note on another side – “Do not forget to eat, fry eggs. I am off to aunt Ira”.
Many letters can be found in the flats of the city.
Offices of the insurance company.
Elevator equipment.

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