mercredi 19 juin 2013

Childrens Paradise of 1957

“Children’s World” store was opened in June 6, 1957 in the very heart of Moscow and has been the biggest toy store for many years. People could buy everything for their kids there. Of course we should not compare the range of goods of the Soviet department store with the current abundance. But nobody even dreamt of anything else then.

Prom dresses and suits.
Micro electric engines for toy vehicles.
Children’s wear.
Soviet LEGO.
Those toy strollers were so good and sturdy!
But these instruments were not safe enough.
“Happy school year!”
Hats for girls.
Soviet vending machine.
The kiosk is without a seller, who knows how it worked?
Strangely enough, but the children look mostly sad on the photos.
It was the time of deficit.
Numbers line numbers they had were written on hands like this.
It was a nice shopping!

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