vendredi 1 juin 2012

Aromas of Uzbel Pilau

Probably there are no people who do not like pilau. Let’s cook it in a proper pot on an ordinary gas stove.

What we need:
- about 1,5 kg of mutton or pork.
- 3 glasses of rice (it must be washed beforehand and soaked for some hours)
- 3-4 carrots and 2 onions
- 2-3 garlic bulbs and 2-3 chilly pepper pods
- Fat (of sheep’s tail would be perfect)
- jeera, turmeric, paprika (or only jeera)
- salt and water.
The ingredients are enough for a 6 litre-pot. Cooking time is about 3 hours.

Frying the fat on heavy fire. Do not let it burn and stir it. Then the cracknels are to be removed and in the formed fat the same amount of vegetable oil must be added.

Adding the onions

The onions will fry fast

Stir it to control the color and prevent from burning.

Then add the bones and fry them for several minutes. Then take them out and add the meat instead.
It is highly recommended to cut all the products beforehand because everything happens fast. If you took the right pot, of course!

The meat must become golden.

Several minutes to fry the carrots too.

Time for the spices!

Put the bones back, add the garlic and the pepper.

Then add enough water to cover it all and salt it.
Cover it and let it stew for an hour. The taste must be impressive!

Then it’s turn of the rice.

No water has to remain in the pilau.

A bit of more jeera

Put the garlic and the pepper back and let it cook on low fire for 30-40 min.

Stir it to make more friable…


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