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The Eastern Front of WWI 14-17

Some photos taken at the Eastern Front during WWI, 1914-17.

A farmer woman from East Prussia is feeding German soldiers.

Cossack officers of East Prussia, 1914

Soldiers going to fight, 1914

German soldiers with the artillery in Russia, 1914

Some of them were killed

German soldiers in Russia, 1914

A wounded soldier at the railway station in Tilsit, 1914

Ruined bedroom in a villa of Tilsit, 1914

Russian war prisoners crossing the bridge in Novo-Georgievsk, Eastern Front, 1915

German soldiers on the way to Libava, rest in the dunes, Eastern Front, Russia, 1915

Military cemeteries: Russian soldiers and civilians are burying a German pilot, Russia, 1915

Killed German officers were buried on the bank of the Memel river. Eastern front, Russia, 1915

Russians are teaching German war prisoners to dance, Eastern front, Russia, 1915

Russian soldiers with a howitzer on the wooden raft, Russia, 1915

Destroyed Russian fortress in Brest-Litovsk, Russia, 1915

German soldiers in a ruined city Brest-Litovsk on the Eastern Front. The city underwent massed intense fire from the Russian side, 1915

Germans are saving sacks of grain from the burning warehouses. Brest-Litovsk, 1915

Germans occupied Brest-Litovsk. Warehouses are burning. Men are removing heavy sacks of grain from the house. Brest-Litovsk, 1915

Vehicle “Feldpost Deutsche Kaiserliche” and German soldiers, Fillipovo, Russia, 1915

German mail boxes at the Eastern Front, Russia, 1915

Marfa Malko, a Russian soldier-woman was fighting Germans with her husband. She was captured and only in the camp they noticed she was a woman. 1915

German soldiers are warming up with soup, 1916

Eastern front. Hundreds of German soldiers in the street during the short rest, Russia, 1917

Germans are celebrating the victory in Riga. 1917

Local peasants are burying the killed Russians near Lutsk, 1914

People were killed with bayonets with no subsequent burial. 1914

Wounded soldier, 1914

German bakers in the field of the Eastern front, 1914

In 1914 the German Emperor visited the Eastern Front

German soldiers are building a temporary bridge, 1914

German camp hospital, Eastern front. 1915

Austrian troops at the Eastern front are moving towards Dukla pass in the Carpathians, 1915

Field post office at the Eastern Front, Poland, 1915

Poland, 1915

Russian cavalry, 1915

German soldiers in an unknown city, 1915

A group of military attaches the next day after the Warsaw occupation by the German troops, 1915

Burning village at the Eastern front, Poland, 1915

Civilians going along the Russian trenches fortified with sacks with sand, 1915 

Russian fortress Ruzhan is fully ruined after being invaded by the German troops. Poland, 1915

Russian troops retreating and burning villages to stop the attack of the German troops, Poland, 1915

Russian ships on the Vistula, 1915

The church building serves as a place for sorting endless letters and parcels for German soldiers at the Eastern Front, Poland, 1915.

Soldiers are helping to carry new letters from the truck to the church, Poland, 1915

Shot down military truck on the snowy village road. Eastern Front. 1914

Hungarian hussars in Poland, 1915

Some village somewhere at the Eastern front. 1915(?)

Station in a Polish city Kalisz was fully destroyed by German troops, 1914

Austrian shooters are moving along the snowy hills of the Carpathians, 1915 

Some destroyed cars abandoned by Russians while retreating, 1915

Russian positions with bunkers and underground shelters not far from Warsaw, Poland, 1915

Abandoned Russian heavy artillery, 1915

Huge shells on the ground, they remained solid after the explosion of the Russian armament depot, 1915

Trying to push the horse with the cart on the bad road in Eastern Galicia, 1915

Transporting the timber over the Vistula to build bridges, Poland, 1915

A German steam engine is crossing the river on the raft, 1915

Bridge over the Narew, Warsaw, 1915, restored by the Germans.

Russians are leaving Warsaw, 1915

Military patrol and loaded sledge in Eastern Galicia. 1915

Soldiers are trying to drag out the military vehicle, Poland, 1915

Carpatho-Russian women are following the Russians retreating from Galicia, 1915

Siberian Grenadier regiment, 1915

Getting ready to a German gas attack, 1915

Funerals of a Russian officer who died in the Austrian captivity, 1915

A group in gas defence masks, 1915

Photographers of the 10th infantry division, 1915-16

Disabled German plane, 1915-16

German administrative office for processing information about front-line soldiers, Germany, 1915

Easter vigil of the Austrian troops, 1915

Warsaw shortly before being captured by German troops. A Russian fortification battalion is leaving Warsaw, 1915

Fires in Praga, suburb of Warsaw invaded by the Germans, 1915

Ruined fort in Praga, not far from Warsaw, 1915

Black smoke in the sky: Russian troops burn wheat fields while retreating, 1915

In the ruined fort, 1915

Christmas in the dugout, 1916

Public prayer before the attack, the Carpathians, 1916

Holders of the Cross of St. George, 1916

Locomotive stuck in snow, Eastern Galicia, 1916

Eastern Galicia, 1916

Soldiers in snowy Zbrow, 1916

Holders of the Cross of St. George, 1916

Soldiers in the disguised trenches. 1916

Carpatho-Russian women driven out of their houses. 1916

Refugee women and their cattle, 1916

A group of German soldiers with mosquito nets on helmets, 1916

Soldiers are clearing snow, Galicia, 1916

Russian train with ammunition after being exploded by the German artillery, Kossowa, Poland, 1917

Destroyed Russian cars at the railway line, Ternopol, Ukraine, 1917

Stuff abandoned by the Russians, Ukraine, 1917

Railway bridge fully destroyed by the Germans in Riga, 1917

Austrian troops in the Carpathians, 1915

Jewish refugees at the Eastern Front, 1915

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