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The Last Moorage

There were built 49 of them – river motorships of project 588. They appeared in the middle of the XX century, in the German Democratic Republic, in Wismar. Most of them are still used and give joy to those who like river trips. Half a century is not a venerable age for motorships. Especially of they are taken care of, painted, modernized…
But some of them were not that lucky…

“Yuri Dolgoruky” was built in 1960. It had been sailing along the Volga, carrying passengers and tourists and even small cargoes.
In 1995 it didn’t navigate.
The metal of “Yuri Dolgoruky” turned out to be worse than of other ships of the product line. It was considered to be nonrepairable and finally discarded.
Gradually its parts were disappearing, the motorship, dying, gave everything it could to luckier vehicles…
But this spring someone decided to tow it, and here it is – the last moorage.
Let’s shortly see what’s inside
Winch of the service elevator
Operating conditions
Inventory of the radio room equipment, 1994 – the last year of its operation
Projector “Ukraine”
Ladders were dismantled long ago
Diesel fuel of main engines
Fuel oil tanks of main engines
Central switchboard
Rotor of the emergency generator
“Do not drink raw water from bare sources!”
“The water is not suitable for drinking, washing vegetables and fruits”
Passengers’ lounge
Raw products
Here’s where the crew received salaries.
Turn off the light
Music saloon
Boarding pass
What’s remained of the deck?
Boat 13
Windlass is still on its place
Anchor chain box
Memories about the Volga

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