lundi 14 janvier 2013

Motorcycles In the Russian Empire

Here is a selection of photos devoted to the motorcycle theme in the Russian Empire. They were found in different times and at different places so we do not know the authors of the works.
So what bikes did they ride long ago in Russia?

The men are riding “Indian”, 1916.
Shooting at the enemy ducks in 1915.
This time enemy airplanes are being shot at.
Moto-cart, 1916
Russians in France, 1916.
“Norton” motorcycle being tested. 1913-14.
Bikers are visiting the car owner (the end of the 1890s – beginning of the 1900s).
Don Cossacks from the pedal cycle troop.
It is a field repair shop of the Russian army. 1915
The men are from an automobile company of the Russian Imperial Army. 1916
At the Khodynka airfield near Moscow, 1914.
The men ar at the “Indian” motorcycle which won the second place at the race for 1200 km. 1912.
Childrey on the “Harley”, 1914-17
Harley Davidson in 1915.
The general visits a motorcycle team, 1915-17.
Car platoon, 1914-16.
Three bikers and the “Harkey” on skis.1914-15.
The postcard is dated 1916.
Pedal cycle team. 1916.

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