mardi 15 janvier 2013

When They Think It Is Time To Leave

When you go some kilometers away from a big city you can often see absolutely different atmosphere and living conditions there. This little town is called Fokino and is located not not far from Vladivostok, a big city in the Russian Far East. You are about to see how people live there.

For the last few years Fokino has been left by several thousands of citizens. According to them they could not live in terrible poverty and hopelessness. Now many flats in Fokino are abandoned and empty sockets of their windows can be easily noticed from outside.
Such buildings sooner resemble sieves.
The building is in Stroitelnaya Street.
The houses are flooded with smelly water. Those who are still here have to feel this terrible smell.
This road leads to Fokino.
Once you are here you want immediately leave.
However it turned out that in Vladivostok itself some flats get abandoned by people too. Though it’s even hard to believe – housing in the region is expensive.
Some abandoned flats are immured, others are just empty. How does it happen? For example, one man sank while fishing and didn’t return home, all his relatives live in Australia and do not care or not even suspect about this flat in Russia.
According to the information there lived 700 thousand people in Vladivostok in 1993. Now the population in the city is a bit more than 400 thousand (guest workers and students from villages are excluded).
These photos were taken in one of the abandoned Vladivostok flats.
It already looks like a tendency. Though it’s quite strange at the same time, they usually do not live too well to abandon their flats.

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