mardi 15 janvier 2013

Retreat In the Mountains

How do you visualize paradise? Probably every person has his/her own picture. Gorny Altai could also be something that resembles the perfect land. Its mountains are wonderful.
The peak of Belukha mountain was considered to be one of those places on the planet through which the Earth receives the divine energy of the cosmos. Now we are going to go to its foot.

Locals are rather unfriendly and often drunk.
It reads “Katun river”.
Akkem lake is a natural monument.
Yes, it’s a loo.
It reads: “Belukha Airport. Fly by helicopters of Aeroflot”. It’s for those who does not want to walk for three days.
Finally we see Akkem and Belukha.
It’s the valley of seven lakes.
People are invited to visit the exhibition of conceptual sculptures.
It is written in the Indian Vedas that Belukha determines the “center of the four oceans,” as it is located almost equidistant from the three oceans – the Arctic, the Pacific and the Indian, for which it is called “the navel of the Earth” in ancient writings.

When your parents like to climb…

Life should be appriciated.
According to one legend Belukha is the birthplace of Buddha, from here he went to India and Tibet.

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