samedi 11 mai 2013

Journey to the Red Canyons

We are in Kirghizia, somewhere at the canyons of the Komorchik river.  It’s a cool place to spend some days with tents at.
On the way to the canyons: the monument to Shabdan-Batyr, the man who knew almost everything about war and contributed much to the development of the system of education in Kirghizia.
One of the local sleeping factories.
As a reminder for new drivers.
A cool design of a bus stop.
In the clay kingdom!
Probably it’s a nice place to be at in summer.
It’s hard to hide emotions when you see such a beauty!
The 13 km ride along the mountain serpentine is a bright experience.
Houses of shepeherds where you can leave a car. By the way, tourists are rare here so those dogs can bite you…
How has it been brought here along such roads?
Are you physically strong enough for such a journey?
Slippery wet clay is under the feet!
Tents at the Komorchik river.
It was surely worth it!

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