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The Story of One Russian Armoured Cruiser

“Gromoboi” was an armoured cruiser of the Russian fleet that took part in the Russo-Japanese War and WWI. It was built in St. Petersburg under the improved project of the cruiser “Russia”. Its construction began in 1898, the cruiser was put into service in 1900.

The last ship from the series of large ocean-going armored cruisers had a better armor protection of artillery compared to its predecessors “Rurik” and “Russia”.
Armament of “Gromoboi”.
In the deck cabin.
Already in 1901 it came to the Russian Far East, the city of Vladivostok, to join the Squadron of the Pacific.
“Gromoboi” and “Rurik”.
On the deck.
In the dock of Vladivostok, 1901-1905.
Winter 1903-1904.
It also took part in the Russo-Japanese war. In August, 14th, 1904 it was seriously damaged in Korea Strait. Losses in personnel – 91 killed and 185 wounded.
The armoured cruiser after the battle in Korea Strait, August 1904.
Chief cabin after the fight of Aug. 1, 1904.
Destructions after the battle.
In October, 13th, 1904 it crashed in the Gulf of Pos’eta and it had been repaired till February 1905.
75 mm weapon is being repaired, 1900s.
In May, 24th, 1905 it tripped a mine near Russkiy island and came back into service only in September 1905.
After the overhaul in 2011.
Then it was participating in WWI.
In Melbourne, 1911.
In low water, 1923.
During the repair works of 1915-1916 the artillery weapons were strengthened to 6-203 mm and 20-152 mm. In the end of 1918 it was removed from service and left in Kronstadt. In 1922 it was sold to Germany for demolition, however during the towing it was thrown ashore in the outer harbor of Liepaja and was scrapped right there.
The last days of “Gromoboi”.

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