dimanche 16 octobre 2011

Old Churches

The region of Ivanovsk is extraordinarily rich in old churches. Although half-destroyed, they attract with pacification and calmness.

This two-storey church made of stone was build in the middle of the 17th century. Its belfry and fence was destroyed during the Soviet time.
A wooden door is still in good condition. It is pretty small and one has to bow when entering.
The walls are partly destroyed, however, the forge grids remain.
It used to be the altar here. Now there is nothing to look at.
On the ground floor some old murals have survived.
Jesus and angel.
Saint John.
On the ceiling one may see ceramic insulators. Interesting, what this room was for.
One more two-storey church in a neighboring village was built in 1659 and have not fortunately undergone any considerable changes till present.
The church is functional, although the ladder to the first floor is blocked with a wooden grid.
Not far from the place there is a tall belfry.
Let’s get inside.
Paintings on the walls.
View from the bottom – it is really exceptionally tall.
One more nearby village can boast of an old church. This one was built in 1842.
It was closed in 1930-ies, then used as a storehouse. At present it’s state is awful. Local youth leave writings on the walls.
The dome.
Once the altar used to be somewhere here.


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