dimanche 9 octobre 2011

Palace of Imam of Dar al-Hajar, Yémen

The palace of Immam is situated in Souk Al Wadi village, 15km from Sanaa. The date of foundation is unknown but it's believed to be built in far pre-Islamic time. Today it's one of the symbols of Yemen.

Around the palace, on the high hills, there are five watchtowers.

Today they are in a semi-demolished condition.

The palace was built on the high hill in Wadi Zahr village that used to belong to Imam.

Semi-demolished houses are still inhabited.

In the time of Turks the palace was fully destroyed and rebuilt in 1786 and in 1930 it was made larger and became a summer residence of Imam.


Rare visitors

Houses in the village are well seen from the roof.

The palace has 7 floors, 35 rooms and today it is a museum.

It is a fridge. Through the holes cold wind is constantly blowing keeping the coolness.

Fountain in the courtyard.

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