dimanche 24 février 2013

One Day of Winter Swimming And New Year Celebration

Hi, guys! I am Anastacia, 25, from Moscow. I love my hubby and to photograph happy people! It was my 31st of December, 2012. I was in Samara, Russia where we were spending our vacations and meeting friends and relatives.

This day will be long. It’s my plan. In the morning parents ask me to join them while running. I agree.
We come to the embankment, mom and dad run away at once )
I didn’t plan to run so I take a walk along the embankment.
In 20 minutes they are back and offer to walk a bit more.
We take some family portraits.
I have to hurry up!)
I notice another sporty family.
My parents have been running in the morning for about 8-9 years – both on weekdays and in weekends. Running is followed by swimming. In summer and in winter! I am pround of them. It’s too hard for me!
I feel cold only looking at her while she is smiling!
Daddy goes next.
Mom is posing for me.
We can go back to our car.
We were walking and running at the embankment for one hour.
I buy some shrimps for salad.
Pushok is treated to meat in the morning.
Oops, we have a milk problem.
At parent’s place I always feel like a little kid. Now I am sitting and enjoying very tasty cacao.
Mmmm.. my breakfast.
We have breakfast and I start cleaning the kitchen. Then mom stays to cook, me and dad decide to go to granny, congratulate her with New Year’s holidays.
Granny offers to eat but we are full so agree only to have tea.
Granny’s glasses – she is a true hipster! ))
Tea, strawberry jam and sweets…
dad takes me back home and goes to his brother to finish a present for mom. I surf the Internet for some time and then call my friend Jane. She is in Vladivostok. It’s already night there. What a huge country we live in! 
I prepare for the disco party of the 80s )
Shower time at last!
Mother’s brothers have come. It means we will exchange presents soon.
It’s time to eat!
I am ironing daddy’s shirt.
One of the most pleasant moments – exchanging presents.
Mother gives me a big bag of presents – one of them is this bracelet.
My present to her is her photo )
Our men are usually given clothes ) They do not mind.
Dmitry gives glasses to presents, old ones are almost all broken! Everyone’s happy!
I hastily polish my nails and go to the kitchen.
My husband with friends has come at last!
Final photo of my parents – they leave for summer house of their friends.
More guests are coming.
I am busy with shrimps.
Wow, it’s already so late!
Guys are bringing more and more dishes…
My salads are ready and I can trim myself up!
Disco girl!
First toasts and saying goodbye to 2012.
We turn the TV set on not to miss coming of 2013.
I prepare this for making a wish! They do come true!
Happy New Year! Cheers!
We exchange presents again, eat and relax, play games.
Everyone was picking a piece of paper with a description of the present he will be given. My hubby got a an embroidery set ))
Who’s the strongest here?
In fact we are not so violent! )
More games! It’s a tradition!
And our traditional singing with a guitar which happens more and more seldom…
We were also dancing, telling jokes and much more. I fell asleep only at 6 a.m. Ahead was a new day and a new year!

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