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They Look Like They Live Today...

But they died 200 years ago. So these photographs are really unique.
Maxim P. Dmitriev was a Russian photographer of the XIX-XXth centuries, founder of the  photojournalismt genre, member of the Russian Photographic Society.
He was a talented person who travelled to all cities near the big Volga river, he took pictures of Volga landscapes, cities, everyday scenes and people. His works were awarded in Paris, Amsterdam, Chicago and New York.

Wood splitters.
Canteen in a village Bolshoi Murashkin.
Merchant Oznobishin.
The first Russian car designed by E. Yakovlev and P. Freze.
Military commissioner Orlov, 1928.
General Voitsekhovsky.
At the market 1897.
Black pond.
Seliger lake.
A. Mikoyan (Soviet statesman and political figure) with his family, 1921.
Russian opera singer F. Shalyapin, 1896.
Writer L.A. Andreev, 1902.
Russian writer I. Bunin, 1901.
Priest and writer S. G. Petrov.
Archivist A. Sadovsky.
Chief of police V. Yakovlev.
Warden sergeant M. Vasilkov.
1897. At the house-shapel of old believers.
Old believers in Kuznetsovo village, 1897.
1890s. Governor’s palace.
Spoon makers in Chernukha village, Semenov county, 1897.
Actress V. F. Komissarzhevskaya.
Doctor is examining the person sick with typhoid. 1891-92.
The group of the sanitary unit with doctor Apraksin in Knyaginin city, 1891-92.
Murder in Gordeevka.
Fire in Gordeevka.
A group of merchants.
Tramps from Nizhny Novgorod.
Tramps from Nizhny Novgorod.
People at the All-Russian Art And Industry Exhibition.
The general view of the market from the Spassky Cathedral.
Peasant M. Dmitriev.
People’s canteen in village Pralevka, 1891-92.
Lending bread to peasants. 1891-1892.
Woman sick with typhoid in Knyaginin. 1891-1892.
House of the Tatar man in Kadomka village, Sergachevsky county. 1891-1892.
Flooded Theatre Square of the Nizhny Novgorod Fair.

The author of the photos himself.

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