dimanche 24 février 2013

The Day of New Year’s Celebration

Hello! I am Anastacia, 21. It was a day when 2012 was replaced by 2013. We had no guests, there were three of us, such a family holiday.
M. was a photographer that day. This is me, still asleep.
We are finally awake.
We are both hungry!
It’s our ordinary breakfast.
Sandwiches are for M.
M. is smoking and I am looking outside.
Some communication in the social network.
I am not so sleepy after washing and coffee. This is the tenth self-shot ) And it’s my cat, we both have complicated characters and conflicts with each other..
She wants to participate in the process.
Then we wash the face and hands.
I can eternally watch these episodes.
These are recipes hanging on the shelf.
I am cutting onions.
And frying chicken.
Peeling potatoes.
Stewing mushrooms.
M. wanted to sleep some more and complaned I woke him up early. H said he had no tasks and could rest, I found him a task at once! )
Meanwhile it’s already…
The fish is put into the steamer.
More onions and chicken but for different purposes.
One more salad is ready.
Someone need to wash up.
Ready! I can rest a bit.
She gets some hugs from us )
We are ready to say goodbye to 2012 and put a bottle of champagne on the table.
How to open this tiny thing? Like an ordinary bottle of soda..
People are launching fireworks and I am at the window to enjoy them.
Our cat is always with us!
We take another shot and start calling ur relatives.
I want to meet New Year being clean.
Yakut people congratulate each other.
I want to be beautiful.
I place a tiny Christmas tree here and take out the presents for M. and the cat. By the way, she turned half a year on the 1st of January.
Is the Christmas tree steady?
I am not shy anymore!
M. asks me to give him a piece of the dessert – cheesecake. Hardly we had taken the knife when we ate half of the cake!
Time and sweet tangerines.
“I want to sleep!”
I start decorating the table.
The cat is locked in the bathroom or she will start stealing salads..
M. falls asleep and I watch another episode of “Sex and the City”.
I heat the food up.
Everything is served, I open the pack of juice.
What should I begin with?
We haven’t bought a TV set yet and it’s not bad. So we’ll listen to the president via the Internet.
We are fuuuuulll..
It’s time to get ready!
Some lies from the president and…
We make our wishes and drink!
I am the first to give a present.
I bought it back in November and have been looking forward to give to M. He likes the gift!
The cat gets the box.
But the best present for me is M.
We move to the bedroom.
I drink more champagne.
And I feel it’s enough for me)
Everything that was happening after is very personal…
We went to bed at about 4 a.m.
Happy New Year, guys!

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