jeudi 7 février 2013

Soviet People Before the War

Now we are going to see some works of a prominent photojournalist and photographer Arkady Shaikhet. All the pictures presented below were taken in the period of 1925-1930.

People in the reception room of M.I. Kalinin (Bolshevik revolutionary and the nominal head of state of Russia and later of the Soviet Union, from 1919 to 1946.), Moscow, 1924.
Unanimously. At the elections of local councils. 1925.
The so-called Ilyich lamp (named after Lenin), 1925.
Setting the pillars of the power lines in the village Botino, 1925.
Dispossessed people near their house in Ukraine, 1929.
Peasant resort in Livadia, Crimea.  Morning exercises. 1926.
Livadia, peasants are having rest at the fountain of the tsar palace, 1926.
Sportswomen, 1924.
Bicyclists on Red Square, 1924.
S.M. Budyenny (Soviet cavalryman, military commander, politician and a close ally of Soviet leader Joseph Stalin.) on Red Square. 1927.
Stalin and Molotov in Moscow, 1929.
Riot at the private company in Moscow, 1924.
Financial inspector on a visit to a nepman.1928.
Sportsmen, 1928.
People came for earning to Moscow, 1930.
New equipment is tested at the Agriculture Academy of Moscow, 1924.
Tractor is tested at the Agriculture Academy, Moscow, 1924.

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