mardi 4 octobre 2011

Abandoned Soviet Military Prison

Abandoned places are always interesting, and they become even more fascinating if they keep the spirit of tough days, hard destinies, suffering…  Let’s have a look on the old Soviet prison, one of such places.

The old part of Bobruisk town shows us many interesting places. One of them is very old church of Society of Jesus (Jesuits).
It is surrounded with high fence shrouded with barbed wire.
All the windows are covered with massive lattice. This building served the town as a military prison, and particularly as a garrison guardhouse.
It had its own boiler room with a bathroom nearby.
The vaulted basement of the church is completely flooded.
The tiny area of the prison even has its own bombshelter, but it looks more like a cellar.
The barbed wire surrounds tiny parade area and the exercise yard.
The column hall.
Now the whole building is totally abandoned.
The inside part of the building is covered with lattice everywhere.
The massive door to the storeroom.
The exercise yard. It is very tiny.
Cell for temporarily detained service personnel
The stairs to the second floor. It has detention cells there.
All the “rooms” of the second floor share one corridor.
This locker was made to keep keys safe.
Cell 5
The typical view from inside the cell.
The door for the cell, it is equipped with small window for giving food and looking after prisoners.
All the detention cells are empty. This is a kind of wooden bed which is still there.
The light in cameras was provided with poor lamps, covered with lattice.

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