jeudi 13 octobre 2011

Moscow Of A Past Age

Today you’ll get a chance to visit a wonderful exhibition of pictures called ‘Moscow stories. 20th century. The years 1900-1960′ which has been widely advertised. It gives a unique opportunity to travel through Moscow that existed in the first half of the 20th century.

Over 300 pictures will tell you everything about lifestyle pattern, changes in the architectural look of the city and marked historic events.

The Grand Theatre, 1934.

Something old and and something new: a cab driver and a two-storey bus, 1935.

Memories of childhood, 1957.

The World Festival Of Youth And Students, Manezh Square, 1957.

Moscow State University, car Pobeda (Victory) made in the USSR, 1954.

Pigeons next to the Moscow City Council, 1950.

Trade season next to the Sukharevskaya Tower in full swing, 1905.

View of Red Square and Kremlin, end of 19 and beginning of 20th century.

Red Square, May 1, 1946.

‘Salute to workers engaged in cotton industry’.

Sports parade, 1938. The poster states: STALIN.

Curve in history. Removal of the two-headed eagle from the Kremlin tower, 1935.

Red Square, 1935.

Red Square Parade, bicyclists, May 1, 1925.

Red Square, football match, 1930.

Alternate soldiers are moving along the Sadovaya Street, 1914.

Kalanchevskaya Square during an armed revolution in December, 1905.

The house was damaged in the result of artillery bombardment during revolutionary acts in 1917.

A tram on Arbatskaya Square, 1917.

Observing the Kremlin from the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, beginning of the 20th century.

Booking office, local trains.

Washerwomen on the Moscow river, 1925.

Red Square, 1960.

Spending weekends walking on Red Square, 1950.

Adjusting traffic on Red Square, 1954.

The Red Gates, 1932.

ZIS cars (Stalin Car Making Plant), 1950.

A taxi stand next to the Teatralnaya Square, cab drivers and taxis, 1935.

A taxi stand next to the All-Soviet Union Agricultural Exhibition, 1939 (ticket cost is 4 rubles).

Tverskoy Boulevard, 1930.

A cafe at the Water Stadium, 1930.

Beach attractions in Khimki.

Ice Skating in Gorky Park, 1930.

The Christmas tree on the Manezh Square, 1937.

A monument to the laborer and collective farmer at the entrance to the All-Soviet Union Agricultural Exhibition, 1937.

A tram station at the All-Soviet Union Agricultural Exhibition, 1939.

The fountain is called People’s Friendship, 1950.

The Soviet Army Theater, 1946.

Moscow Art Theatre, 1940.

A Square next to the Moscow City Council, 1950.

The shop on the Sretenka Street sells milk, 1957.

A morning at the Rizhsky train station, 1957.

Going to work, Kalanchenskaya Street, 1957.

Cinema timetable: Coming Soon.

Moscow Operetta Theater, Pushkinskaya Street, 1960.

Reading a book, 1960.

Shockworker Movie Theater, 1959.

Variety Theater, Mayakovskaya Street, 1959.

A regular working day, 1960.

The Neglinka River has left its banks, 1959.

The skyscraper, Leningradsky Hotel, 1950.

Feeding pigeons on the Manezh Square, 1958.

Komsomolskaya Square. 1959.

Chemical protection. Before the World War II, 1940.

German prisoners in Moscow, 1944.

Construction of the Kotelnicheskaya Embankment Building, 1951.

Subway entrance.

Enjoying freedom coming from the west. The 6th All-Soviet Union Festival of Youth and Students, 1957.

A motor rally at Manezh Square, 1959.

The celebration of May First by workers: “Our factory has carried out a 5-year plan for 4 years and 4 months”

A Sports Parade on Red Square, 1935.

A Sports Parade on Dinamo Stadium, 1946.  ’Unbreakable Union of freeborn Republics, Great Russia has welded forever to stand’.’

The Triumphal Arch near the Belorussia Station, 1930.

The Krasny Oktyabr chocolate factory, named Red October, decorated in view of celebration of the 800th anniversary of Moscow foundation, 1947.

The Square of Revolution, 1950. ‘Fast, convenient, profitable’

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