jeudi 13 octobre 2011

Life In a Penal Colony - 1891

In 1891 Aleksey Kuznetsov, the Transbaikalia researcher went to Nerchinsk, which is situated not far from the Russian-Chinese border and  made some photos of living conditions in the penal colony of the Russian Far East.

Prisoners in workshops.
A female prisoner.
A prisoner sentenced to death.
A penalty ward.
The children of the Kariysky shelter.
A hut of a prisoner.
A stigmatic prisoner.
A prisoner.
Family prisoners’ dug-outs.
A prisoner-executioner.
A prisoner.
Handiwork in a blacksmith’s shop.
An examination.
Coming back from work.
Water delivery to the prison and gardens.
A break-out of a prisoner at the time of work.
Prisoners’ meeting with their families.
A prisoner with 13 stigmas.
A sick ward for prisoners.
The house of the prisoners’ supervisor.
Cargo transportation from barges to military service storehouses.
Prisoners praying.
Roasting works.
Prison stores.
Silver-plumbum ore beneficiation fabric.
A church.

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