dimanche 16 octobre 2011

Village of Sad Destiny

This spring a little village in Kazakhstan became famous all over the country. It has to pay a high price for it, though. One night water burst the water reservoir dam and practically wiped the tiny village off the face of the earth. The tragedy took many lives, caused a lot of damage to the citizens and radically changed their usual way of life.

In commemoration of the tragedy a monument was erected.

Eight months ago the water itself prepared the place for it.

Early in the morning this woman went to the neighboring village and came back only in the afternoon. There was a lot of water everywhere. Probably, because of the rain, she thought. It was quiet and calm all around, people were working. Her daughter returned from school earlier than usual, she was told to go home and prepare all the documents and stay at home. At eight o’clock power supply was cut off and the family went to bed.

The woman woke up because of the wind, she opened the door and water poured into the house.

When the water reached the neck level they broke a window and saw that their belongings weres afloat around.

At dawn fellow villagers dropped in and told that there is no village anymore.

However everything is allright at present, the family received accomodation and cattle from the state, there is no work for her and her husband, shares the woman.

“I escaped of the flood, because I have heard shouts- recalls a village schoolnurse – I don’t know for how long I ran then. Now I was given accomodation and furniture. Personally I feel fine. However people tell that they don’t have money to buy building materials to build barns for cattle, and also there is no work for them.”

One of the native villagers. That night her family saved themselves because she heard the shoutings of a neighbor boy. Her husband says that they had been told by the authorities not to worry about the possibility of flood.

The state’s compensation makes only a small part of what they used to have. There is no money. no work, no clothes. Humanitarian aid helped only at the beginning, at present there is no work for them to get the money to buy winter clothes.

The woman on the picture below has got six children and a disabled husband. They do not have money even for clothing. The family didn’t receive the promised state aid which she had planned to spend on coal and winter clothes for the children.

“Our family lost four houses, a store and a cafe we owned. My brother had a gas station, a car and a tractor. All this was compensated with ten goats, a cow and a horse.”

While the state is said to neglect the villagers’ problems, people sympathize the victims. Man on the picture below tells, that his daughter got a scholarship when the University chancellor got to know that she survived the flood tragedy.

Ekaterina, mother of seven children, used to work in the field, but now they do not have one. As well as there is no vegetable garden and cellar.

This woman’s son-in-law rescued 14 people in his old sedan, four children inside the trunk and an infant in the grandma’s arms.

These people lost all their cattle, as well as tractor and a car. Only they two survived.

Humanitarian aid was being distributed in disorder. Some people took all, other were left with nothing.

After a week, when people returned to the village, they discovered a horrible devastation.

Nevertheless the roads and houses have been rebuilt, water supply has been layed on, electrical and telephone equipment have been installed, the dam has not been restored and there is no work for the villagers. At present they live for account of humanitarian aid.

One more detail, which points to the recent tragedy – one may notice, that there are now only little kittens and puppies in the village.


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