vendredi 14 octobre 2011

Beautiful « Sack of Fish »

Balaclava is a remote district of Sevastopol. Previously it was a closed town due to the underground submarine repairing and equipping factory which is now a museum. Today the town is opened and it is great, because Balaclava is an absolutely must-see place!

The name “Balaclava” itself can be translated as “a sack of fish”. It may be so, because the bay where the town is situated resembles a sack, and is very fish-baring. The bay is not very broad – about 300 meters, but it’s rather deep – up to 17 meters depth.
This is one of the local sights – the ruins of Genoese fortress dated 1357.
Exactly from this place  the most beautiful views of the bay can be seen.
The embankment.
Even dustbins are nice!
And now let’s drill down into the second sight of Balaclava, after the amazing views – the so called “Object 825-GTS”, former submarine repairing and equipping plant, situated underground. It’s total area is about 9600 square meters and it is so deep and well-built, that wouldn’t be damaged even by a straight nuclear strike! In 1994 it was closed and there was opened the museum.
The very exhibits are not as interesting as the whole atmosphere of an underground secret military object itself!
After the World War II, when the USSR and the USA were waging a nuclear arms race, Stalin ordered to find a place, where submarines could be based in order to strike back in case of nuclear attack. Balaclava was chosen not by chance – the narrow and twisting channel shelters the harbor both from gales and from the public eye.
The whole base could accommodate 14 submarines of different class and size.
Sea mines.

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